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What's on Smansa Makassar?

SMAN 1 Makassar or known as Smansa Makassar is one of the best school in Makassar (and Sulawesi Selatan). It's formed in 1950. At the time, the name wasn't SMAN 1 Makassar, but AMS. So, now the age of Smansa is almost 61 years old!

After that, the name of AMS Makassar changed to SMA Makassar.
Well, along with the times, the number of students of SMANSA increasingly added, therefore, in 1957 the school was divided into two parts. Well, now a part of a SMANSA and one we now know with SMADA (SMAN 2 Makassar).

Behind of SMANSA history, it turns out SMANSA also been destroyed due to experiencing a major fire. Later rebuilt and completed 14 April 1982, and inaugurated by David Joesoef, Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia at the time.
Well, that's a handful of flash back on the history of the school that fester in the number of Mount Bawakaraeng St. Not much different from other schools, SMANSA also want quality graduates. But behind it all, apparently in addition to creating a smart, superior and intelligent student, SMANSA also wanted "outgoing" students. So that's according to Herman Hading, the principal.

"Well, outgoing as I meant doesn
't like students know nowadays, but also how they (students, red) can establish communication with whoever and wherever they are," added Herman Hading who headed the school since 2003.

Of course all of these things coupled with the optimization of academic and extracurricular which spurred further. For instance the application of additional school hours each afternoon and 18 extra-curricular program options provided. Including photography extracurricular (Forzha, Photography of Smansa), which may be can only be found in this school.
Facilities at the school, which until now has 14 head of this school may be spelled out quite complete, like laboraturium, library, multimedia room, etc.

Even each of the two special rooms are used to support learning in Mathematics, English and Religious Education, Herman Hading also said his expectations. "We always optimize the potential of existing resources on students in the learning process, to achieve maximum human qualities and outgoing to the people," he added.

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