Rabu, 11 Mei 2011

Farewell SMPN 12 Makassar

Welcome to My Paradise

So long, SMPN 12 Makassar
We can't leave without a good-bye
But please don't think bad of us
If'n We're gonna start to cry

There's so many things we'll miss
First with the fuckin' senior, with their hobby, bullying us (I've a bad experience about this)...
brutal senior
but i love them, just because their dedication (although sometimes delivered in brutal way)
so that I could be like now (seriously)

Until the sweet junior...
sweet junior
their innocent face irritates me
because i know behind that sweety face there're desire for revenge
reach achievement like we did, but i wish u all can beat us

This school is filled with many things
That we've come to love
From the dirty and smelly fish pond in front of the school, full of slime and rotten fish (I think someone has been peeing here )...
pond and the victim ('m piss)
To the toilet in the rear, which I thought was never cleaned since first build (someone could die if it was in it more than 5 minutes without ventilator)

Especially the unsung heroes, the teachers
there're many kinds of teachers here and i love them all : (maaf kami tidak dapat menunjukkan foto asli, hanya beberapa deskripsi yang mungkin anda kenal)
  • killer (poker face), without mercy in educating (some of them using brutal way too)
  • hypocritical (two face), maybe they looks good in the front of u'r eye, before u know they insulted u right behind u'r ass
  • lazybones (unwashed face), they seem sleepy and often just give a task before they vanish, remain a mistery until now..
  • greedy (money face), those who has shiny eyes when looking at money, i suspected those who too lazy to teach us and choose to take care of another affairs, for example Amir's lovely teacher (u know who)
  • kittenish (fuckin' face), have bad behavior to the girls (usually those who has F2 skill : flirted and fingered)
  • good (innocent face), I know this kind have bad luck...
good teacher

    Our second home, the comfortable class, full of unforgetable memories
    a place to learning, teaching, and wondering
    about whan can we reach in the future? 
    and the place where love began to blossom...

    best couple all time
    a castle that protects us from the evils of dirty air that cause stupidity (cocokmi?)...

    kinds of stupidity
                       Where's the canteen?
    full of glorius meals and friendly-canteen keeper
    but things gonna worse, when the students began littering
    place that was warm, becoming cool, stiff, and of course dirty
    that's why they exist...

    apol (nama disamarkan) ; washing disher
    Where experimented, the laboratory, whether it language lab, science lab, or computers lab
    where we mix a theory with working hard into a real masterpiece
    thanks to the green goblin and friends...
    Tito Sutrisno alias Willem Dafoe (as Green Goblin in Spiderman movies)
    The cooperation and the administration room, with diligent T.U. guys
    with busyness that is not stopping for us

    Bookworms-fuckin' glasses's lair, the library
    well of knowledge, sun of wisdom
    a very quiet place, and isolated from outside world
    although sometimes appear some vandals...

    Choken the Paltek-maker

    luckily, there're warriors of truth...

    warriors of sword village
          Where all the rituals takes place, the basketball field
    start from basket, football, cheers, scout, until hide-and-seek
    and of course the flag-raising-ceremony on monday
    shrine, dwelling place of spirits white horse (un-head)

                    The B.K. room
    the bloodiest place in these school
    a place that changed us from an intruder into an useful things for the state, nation, and people
    things that threw us in there :
    become victims of unpleasent situation
    do scandal
    1. didn't follow the rules
    2. lie that can't follow the rules
    3. never read the rules
    4. lie that cant read
    5. lazy to read the rules
    6. lie that he/she was diligent
    7. do scandal
    8. become victims of unpleasant situation

    And the last, places to pray and say thanks to Allah swt, mushollah
    with the angels in it...
    angels from heaven (OST. virginity territory)
    Farewell, SMPN 12 Makassar
    thank u for raising us
    Now we really hate to go
    'Cause the things we'll miss the most of all...

    Are the friends we've come to know...

    pertanyaannya mana fadil?
    sebagai langkah antisipasi, klik disini

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